NZAIMS subscription

All New Zealand schools participating in the Zespri AIMS Games School Sporting Championships must be a member of the New Zealand Association of Intermediate Middle Schooling (NZAIMS).

New Zealand Intermediate, Middle and 7-13 secondary schools require full membership of NZAIMS. Affiliate membership is available to Full Primary and Area schools with a fee based on MoE U Grade.

NZAIMS Ngā Kura Takawaenga o Aotearoa is the proactive voice and influence on Educational Policy, protecting, promoting and celebrating Intermediate Middle Schooling education:


  • Influence intermediate and middle schooling Curriculum Development

  • Advocate for intermediate and middle school leadership 

  • Create strong regional partnerships and collaboration

Strategic Contribution

  • Provide an expert and critical perspective to the groups we engage and partner with. 

  • Identify opportunities and actively partner with other bodies in the sector. 

Professional Development

  • Collaborate with appropriate providers to develop current age and stage research.

  • Develop age and stage-appropriate PLD

  • Sector Leadership

  • Lead specialist teacher development

  • Promote IMS Pedagogy

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Please note that the AIMS Games Trust and NZAIMS are separate organisations.