The AIMS Games Trust is committed to minimising waste and increasing public awareness for recycling and diverting waste from landfill. 

Tauranga-based Waste Watchers staff, aided by a team of 50 student volunteers known as the Green Team, spend tournament week patrolling compost, recycling and waste bins at Zespri AIMS Games venues around the city. 

Participating in the 2024 Zespri AIMS Games means that your school is committed to helping us reach our diversion targets. We aim to do this by avoiding the generation of waste in the first place, reusing materials wherever possible, recycling, composting and disposing to landfill as a last resort. 

This is how you can help:

  1. Do not bring large rubbish bags.

  2. Bring food and drinks to the Zespri AIMS Games in reusable packaging wherever possible. Where disposable packaging is required, please ensure that it is made out of recyclable (#1 and #2 plastic, paper, card or aluminium) or compostable materials. Please re-think and limit your use of single use plastic bags at the Games as they are a problem once in the environment.

  3. Ensure that all of the students, supporters and coaches are aware of our target and support our Green Team volunteers on the ground who are generously giving up their time to help us out.

  4. Sort your waste by using the red (rubbish), yellow (recycling) and green (food scraps) bins provided.

Remember, every little bit of help you provide assists us in achieving the Zespri AIMS Games target and ensures that the Games continue to be an environmentally responsible event every year. Thank you in advance for all your support throughout the duration of the Games.