Date: Wednesday 9th September 2020
Venue: McLaren Falls Park, McLaren Falls Road, Lower Kaimai, Tauranga
Managers Meeting: Tuesday 8th September 1.00pm at McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga
Cost: $75.00 per competitor (NZ$)
Entries Close: Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 11.59pm – Online registrations close


Contact Details

Event Director:
Miranda Clark
Phone: 021 449 466


Tournament Planning


  1. Students competing must be enrolled full-time in the school they are representing.
  2. New Zealand students competing must be a Year 7 or Year 8 student.
  3. New Zealand schools must be an affiliated member of NZAIMS - New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling
  4. Students may compete in more than one code however timetable allowances will NOT be made for any competitors.
  5. Competitors must be Over 10 years and 13 years of age or Under as at the 1st January of the tournament year (2020), competitor’s birthdates will be required on school registration documentation (accepted birth years for the 2020 Games are: 2007, 2008 and 2009).
  6. All participants must have online medical and media waiver documentation completed to be eligible to compete.


  • Schools are required to pay the entry fee of $75.00 per competitor (NZ$).
  • Non-refundable / Payment MUST be made within seven days of receipt of the invoice.
  • Invoices will be sent to the School Accounts Manager after the entry closing date, 10th June.

Entries Close

Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 11.59pm

Entries to the 2020 Anchor AIMS Games International Sporting Championships will be made and only accepted online:

  • All registrations are completed online with EnterNOW.
  • A ‘Quick Start Guide’ for EnterNOW will be sent out with the Registration Booklet.
  • Registrations will only be accepted from the designated School Anchor AIMS Games Coordinator.
  • Schools will be allocated a unique Anchor AIMS Games registration log in code to complete their entries.
  • EnterNOW demo video for schools

If registration for an activity is oversubscribed, then the opportunity to participate will be at the discretion of the executive committee and no further correspondence will be entered into (if unsuccessful team/individual entry will be refunded).

2020 Planning Timeline

  • Wednesday 10th June – Entries close for the 2020 Anchor AIMS Games at 11.59pm. The EnterNOW system will generate a confirmation email three days prior to entries closing so school coordinators can check that they have entered the correct individuals, teams, codes etc.The AIMS Games Trust has a strict NO REFUND policy from this date! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Wednesday 24th June – All schools must have paid their registration invoice to have their entry confirmed.
    Late entries (if accepted) will incur a 50% penalty fee
  • Wednesday 1st July – Confirmation sent to all 2020 participating schools (if registration for a sporting code is oversubscribed then the opportunity to compete will be at the discretion of the executive committee).
  • Monday 27th July – School group opening ceremony ticket bookings go on sale through Ticketek (First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm).
  • Wednesday 29th July – All Team/individual online name and code information registration forms to be completed (to meet race number print and tournament booklet deadlines). Competitors’ names, date of birth and manager’s name and contact details are required.
  • Monday 3rd August – Public opening ceremony tickets go on sale through Ticketek (First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm).
  • Saturday 5th September – The 17th Anchor AIMS Games International Sporting Championships opens.
Anchor AIMS Games app

Tournament Information

New Zealand School Divisions

Maximum of five competitors per school / per division

  • Year 7 Boys
  • Year 7 Girls
  • Year 8 Boys
  • Year 8 Girls


Sunday 6th September

Opening Ceremony (Trustpower Arena at Baypark)
First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm

Tuesday 8th September

Managers Meeting 1.00pm

Tuesday 8th September

Guided Tour 1.30pm

Tuesday 8th September

Course open for inspection 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Wednesday 9th September

Multi-Sport Event Race Briefing - 9.00am
Event 1 9.30am start

Discipline – 2.4Km Run / 3.8Km Mountain Bike / 1.0Km Kayak

Individual start time 9.30am

Event 1 9.30am Year 7 Boys Multi-Sport Run/Mountain Bike/Kayak
Event 2 At conclusion of Event 1 (at approximately 10.45am) Year 7 Girls Multi-Sport Run/Mountain Bike/Kayak
Event 3 At conclusion of Event 2 (at approximately 12.00pm) Year 8 Multi-Sport Run/Mountain Bike/Kayak
Event 4 At conclusion of Event 3 (at approximately 1.15pm) Year 8 Multi-Sport Run/Mountain Bike/Kayak
Event 5 30 minutes after Event 4 (at approximately 2.30pm) Ultimate Relay Multi-Sport Run/Mountain Bike/Kayak

General Rules

  • The race order is Run, Mountain Bike, Kayak.
  • It is the responsibility of all competitors to review and be familiar with course, transition and location maps.
  • All competitors and their supporters accept a duty of care in participating in this event. This is a multi-Sport event with multiple variables on the run, mountain bike and kayak.
  • Maximum of five competitors per school / per division
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate.  No bare torso allowed.
  • Race numbers are to be worn on the front of competitors shirts
  • Electronic timing will be used. Schools will be invoiced $65.00 per electronic timing band/chip not returned at the end of the event.
  • All competitors must wear an electronic timing chip on their ankle during their race. These will be taken off at the finish line.
  • Fair Play must be demonstrated at all times. No athlete may block another athlete during their race.
  • Competitors must be familiar with and stay on the course at all times - keeping arrows to your left. Any short cuts taken will result in disqualification.
  • All Bikes must be on site and racked on Tuesday 8 September between 11.00am and 3.30pm (if you cannot be here on this day to rack your bike – please contact the Multisport Co-Ordinator for approval to rack on the Wednesday).

  • Security will be onsite overnight on Tuesday 8 September monitoring the transition area.

  • There will be a compulsory Park n Ride operating on all scheduled event days (Tuesday and Wednesday).  See below in the Venue section for further details.

Run Rules

  • Shoes must be worn on the run leg.

Mountain Bike Rules

  • Competitors must bring their own mountain bikes and helmets - these are not supplied
  • It is the responsibility of the competitor and the team manager to have athletes’ bikes in a safe working order.
  • The event director and transition marshals reserve the right to refuse the use of a bike and or helmet they judge to be not fit for purpose.
  • Helmets MUST be fitted properly with chin straps tightened before all races.  ANSI, SNELL or NZ STANDARD approved helmets only.
  • Extra caution required on the downhill (extremely slippery when wet).

Kayak Rules

  • All Kayaks and paddles are supplied (Mission Access 280’s & Simply Magic alloy shaft approx. 214 cm long, with a 60 degree offset) - own kayaks and paddles not permitted.
  • All buoyancy vests are supplied (Mission AS4758) - own vests are not permitted.
  • It is optional to wear shoes in the kayak.
  • No bike helmets to be worn in the kayak.

Transition Rules

  • Only Competitors and Marshals may be in transition at any time during race day.
  • Entry in and out of transition is via designated areas only - there is to be no climbing over the perimeter tape.
  • Competitors will be asked to rack their bikes before their race but after their race briefing.
  • Competitors will be allowed to remove their bikes form transition only once the final competitors from each race is finished.
  • Buoyancy vest will be provided and fitted at each race briefing and are to be placed on the ground by competitors bikes.
  • Helmets will be checked at each race briefing and must be on competitors heads and done up before bikes are removed from racks. They must also stay on their heads until the bike is racked after their cycle leg is finished.
  • Only designated marshals are allowed to provide assistance in transition areas.

Ultimate Relay

  • Schools may enter one team only in the Ultimate Relay.
  • Schools to select one team consisting of one runner / one mountain biker / one kayaker and must have at least one female.
  • Competitors In each team must be from the same school and can be from Year 7 or Year 8
  • All competitors in the Ultimate Relay must have competed in an individual event.
  • The team tag area is in transition where the cyclist’s bike is located.
  • The runner wears the transponder first, then passes it on to the cyclist.  The cyclist then passes the transponder to the kayaker.
  • A cup is awarded to the winning school of the Ultimate Relay and will be presented at the prize giving at the conclusion of the event.

Team Honours

  • Schools with less than two competitors in a Year Group/Gender Division will be ineligible to claim team honours.
  • For schools that enter a team in a Year Group/Gender Division, each individual competitor in that team is also eligible to claim individual line honours.
  • Two competitors in a team must finish their individual race to be eligible for team honours.
  • For Year Group/Gender Division Team Honours – the placing of the top two competitors will be added together. Lowest team total is the winner i.e. Year 7 Girls 6th and 13th = 19 points (1st), 5th and 22nd = 27 points (2nd).
  • When team points are tied it is judged on the school that has the highest placed competitor.

Health and Safety

  • The event director will work to identify, eliminate where possible and or minimise risk.
  • The event director reserves the right to make all necessary changes to the course at any time in the best interest of safety for competitors
  • All competitors, team managers and schools are reminded that they compete at their own risk and absolve Events Made Easy, AIMS Games Committee, Event Director, Race Commissaire, McLaren Falls Park, all officials, helpers, and volunteers from any blame or claim.
  • The course is challenging and a moderate to high level of fitness is required.
  • All team managers are required to have their team medical forms with them during the race.
  • All roads are to be treated as open at all times therefore road rules apply. The Run and Mountain Bike Course both use the park road.
  • You must obey the road code, security, marshals and officials at all times.
  • Parts of the course incorporate surrounding farmland some distance from spectator areas however marshals will be spread throughout the course and connected through radio and/or mobile phone coverage.
  • McLaren Falls Park is part way up the Kaimai Ranges so can be exposed to weather changes. Please check all weather conditions and plan accordingly.
  • Please be careful on all footbridges, tracks, grass areas and steps with slippery surfaces.
  • There may be bees on the course. Any athlete with bee or other strong allergic reactions must notify the race director and St John prior to race briefing.
  • All team managers are required to brief their supporters of their role in keeping the course clear in the best interest of all competitors.
  • Team Managers are responsible for their parents and supporters. Please ensure that the safety and enjoyment of all competitors is of upmost importance.
  • During the event, non-competing competitors or spectators are not permitted to ride their bikes around the competition area or where vehicles are being parked.  If riding in permitted zones: helmets MUST be worn at all times.

Referee & Disputes

The organiser will appoint a referee to whom general complaints can be directed. Complaints must be lodged BY TEAM MANAGERS ONLY within 15 minutes of the completion of the race on the official disputes form and accompanied by $100.00.


  • Thirty minutes drive out of Tauranga City is McLaren Falls Park, 190 hectares of pastoral and horticultural parkland set alongside Lake McLaren.

  • The event is held at Top Flat in McLaren Falls.

  • Please obey all security, marshals, pre-race communications and event staff and park all vehicles off the course in approved areas.

  • Around 300 sheep roam through the grassed areas so dogs are not permitted within McLaren Falls Park. Dogs are also not permitted to be left unattended in vehicles.

  • There is strictly NO vehicle access to the park/Top Flat event site through the main gate – with the exception of park visitors.

  • ALL Anchor AIMS Games vehicles must drive past the main gate and continue 2.2km up to Maungapopo Road.  Then turn right and into the signposted carpark at Blooming Acres (400 car parks).

  • Shuttles will transport athletes, spectators and bikes/gear the 1.5km down into McLaren Falls to Top Flat and back again when you wish to leave (please allow plenty of time for this).

  • Mobility Card and Anchor AIMS Games Officials (car pass holders) will be directed where to drive on arrival to the Park n Ride site.

  • Team Gazebo’s are permitted - please liaise with the Event Director regarding approved placement

Medal Presentation

  • All medal and trophy Presentations will be presented approximately half an hour after Event 5/The Ultimate Relay Race has finished
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