Entry Requirements

Submission of an entry to the 2024 Zespri AIMS Games serves as acknowledgement and acceptance (on behalf of yourself and your legal parent or guardian) of the Terms and Conditions, including the Indemnity and Release. This waiver applies to all 27 codes offered at the 2024 Zespri AIMS Games without exception.

1. Competitors Responsibility

2. Fitness to Enter

3. Injury Procedures

4. Acknowledgment of Inherent Dangers

5. Waiver of Liability for Personal Injury

6. Safety of Equipment

7. Damage to Personal Property

8. Promotional Material

9. Rules

10. Collection of Information

11. Refund Policy

12. Cancellation Policy

13. Medical and Media Waiver

Indemnity and Release

  1. I am aware of the hazards involved in competing in the Zespri AIMS Games and associated sports events (The Sports). The hazards include, but are not limited to, the condition of competitor’s equipment, sports venues and surfaces, road and track services, vehicle traffic, actions of competitors, spectators, organisers and sports personnel, weather conditions, hypothermia and heat exhaustion. In my judgement I have sufficient competence and experience to participate safely.

  2. I certify that I am in sound physical condition and health and have sufficiently trained for participation in the number and type of events for which I have registered and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person.

  3. On behalf of myself, my agents, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assignees:

  • WAIVE, RELEASE AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, and all other risks or claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring to me as a result or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in and my travelling to and from the Zespri AIMS Games or the associated events the following person or entities: AIMS Games Trust, sports event organisations, land managers and/or owners, event sponsors, volunteers, all cities, towns, regions, districts or other areas of whatever nature in which the event may be staged and their (its) representatives, respective officers, organisers, contacts, directors, employees, independent contractors, agents and volunteers.
  • INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the persons or entities mentioned in paragraph 3(a) above from any and all liabilities, risks, claims or actions (including negligence) whatever or howsoever caused arising as a result of or in connection with, directly or indirectly, my participation in and travelling to and from the Zespri AIMS Games and the associated events.
  • I acknowledge that the organiser reserves the right to alter days and times of an advertised event or sports event if conditions warrant.