AIMS Games Anchor Cross Country
Date: Sunday 6th September 2020
Venue: Waipuna Park, Kaitemako Road, Welcome Bay, Tauranga
Managers Meeting: Sunday 6th September 2020 (Waipuna Clubrooms at 9.00am)
Cost: $25.00 per individual runner (NZ$)
Entries Close: Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 11.59pm – Online registrations close


Contact Details

Race Organiser:
Reuben Potaka
Tauranga Intermediate School
Phone: 07 578 4401

Course Organiser:
Malcolm Taylor
Tauranga Ramblers – Harrier & Athletic Club

Para Sport Manager:
Marguerite Christophers
Classification Manager Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ)
Phone: 021 746 727

Para Athletics Coordinator:
Rebecca Foulsham
Para Athletics Classification Coordinator
Athletics New Zealand
Phone: 021 0223 7776


Tournament Planning


  1. Students competing must be enrolled full-time in the school they are representing.
  2. New Zealand students competing must be a Year 7 or Year 8 student.
  3. New Zealand schools must be an affiliated member of NZAIMS - New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling
  4. Students may compete in more than one code however timetable allowances will NOT be made for any competitors.
  5. Competitors must be Over 10 years and 13 years of age or Under as at the 1st January of the tournament year (2020), competitor’s birthdates will be required on school registration documentation (accepted birth years for the 2020 Games are: 2007, 2008 and 2009).
  6. All participants must have online medical and media waiver documentation completed to be eligible to compete.


  • Schools are required to pay the entry fee of $25.00 per runner (NZ$).
  • Non-refundable / Payment MUST be made within seven days of receipt of the invoice.
  • Invoices will be sent to the School Accounts Manager after the entry closing date, 10th June, 2020.

Entries Close

Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 11.59pm

Entries to the 2020 Anchor AIMS Games International Sporting Championships will be made and only accepted online:

  • All registrations are completed online with EnterNOW.
  • A ‘Quick Start Guide’ for EnterNOW will be sent out with the Registration Booklet.
  • Registrations will only be accepted from the designated School Anchor AIMS Games Coordinator.
  • Schools will be allocated a unique Anchor AIMS Games registration log in code to complete their entries.
  • EnterNOW demo video for schools

2020 Planning Timeline

  • Wednesday 10th June – Entries close for the 2020 Anchor AIMS Games at 11.59pm. The EnterNOW system will generate a confirmation email three days prior to entries closing so school coordinators can check that they have entered the correct individuals, teams, codes etc.
    The AIMS Games Trust has a strict NO REFUND policy from this date! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Wednesday 24th June – All schools must have paid their registration invoice to have their entry confirmed.
    Late entries (if accepted) will incur a 50% penalty fee
  • Wednesday 1st July – Confirmation sent to all 2020 participating schools (if registration for a sporting code is oversubscribed then the opportunity to compete will be at the discretion of the executive committee).
  • Monday 27th July – School group opening ceremony ticket bookings go on sale through Ticketek (First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm).
  • Wednesday 29th July – All Team/individual online name and code information registration forms to be completed. Competitors’ names, date of birth, manager and phone/email details are required.
  • Monday 3rd August – Public opening ceremony tickets go on sale through Ticketek (First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm).
  • Saturday 5th September – The 17th Anchor AIMS Games International Sporting Championships opens.
Anchor AIMS Games app
Anchor AIMs Games Cross Country

Tournament Information

New Zealand School Divisions

  • Year 7 Girls 
  • Year 7 Boys
  • Year 8 Girls
  • Year 8 Boys
  • Para athlete Year 7 and 8 Girls
  • Para athlete Year 7 and 8 Boys

International School Divisions

  • Year 7 Girls – over 10 years/under 12 years of age as at the 1st Jan 2020 (10/11 years as at 1st Jan 2020)
  • Year 7 Boys – over 10 years/under 12 years of age as at the 1st Jan 2020 (10/11 years as at 1st Jan 2020)
  • Year 8 Girls – over 12 years/under 13 years of age as at the 1st Jan 2020 (12 years as at 1st Jan 2020)
  • Year 8 Boys – over 12 years/under 13 years of age as at the 1st Jan 2020 (12 years as at 1st Jan 2020)


Saturday 5th September

Managers packs can be collected on Saturday from the Waipuna Park Clubrooms (between 2.00pm and 4.00pm).
Please note: ONLY the Team Manager or nominated individual can collect a school’s Manager Pack.
Individual student race numbers will not be issued.Course Organiser will walk the course (2.30pm). Meet at race start.

Sunday 6th September

Managers Packs (collected from 8.00am from the Waipuna Park Clubrooms)
Teams and Managers (adult) can walk the course from 8.00am to 9.00am
Managers Meeting (9.00am at the Waipuna Park Clubrooms).
Individual / Team Race (10.00am)
Individual Divisions - Prize giving at Waipuna Park (12:30pm)
School Relays (1.00pm)
Prize giving for Championship Relay and Open School Relay (1:45pm to 2:00pm)
Sunday 6th September Opening Ceremony (Trustpower Arena at Baypark)
First show – 3.00pm, Second show – 7.00pm

Individual / Teams Race

  • Schools may enter one team only in each of the divisions below (maximum of five runners per team).
  • Runners cannot run for other divisions.
  • All team managers are required to have their team medical forms with them at the event.
  • Running barefoot is permitted.
  • Spikes are allowed to be worn for all races. Runners must keep these to a maximum length of 9mm.
  • Runners wearing no spikes will be positioned on the outside of the starting line.
  • Runners will have two hurdles on the course. The height of the hurdles is 0.762m (30 inches).
  • At the start, teams will be able to have two runners positioned on the start line with the other two runners directly behind them and then one runner directly behind them (two/two/one).
  • Schools with less than three runners in a division will be ineligible to claim team honours.
  • For schools that enter a team in a division, each individual runner in that team is also eligible to claim individual line honours.
  • Three runners in a team must finish their individual race to be eligible for team honours.
  • For division team honours the placings of your first three runners home will be accumulated and placings awarded from the lowest aggregate (should teams be tied the placing of the third-place runner will be the deciding factor). For example, the lowest team total is the winner i.e. Year 7 Girls 6th, 23rd, 29th = 58 points (1st), 5th, 22nd, 35th = 62 points (2nd).
  • We have electronic timing services and all race bibs have transponders attached to the back. Please follow the fitting and handling instructions provided.

Para athlete

All Para athletes registering to compete in Para athletics 800m (Cross Country) must have a disability and a provisional, or higher, Para athletics track classification. Those athletes without a classification must apply for a provisional classification by completing the form below and submitting to by 29 May 2020.

Forms to apply for a Provisional classification can be found here:

If you have any questions, please contact the Paralympics New Zealand Classification Manager at

The event will be run as a Para athletics 800m event. Classification will to align with World Para Athletics rules, to provide a structure for fair and equitable competition, ensuring that the impact of an impairment is minimised.

All Para athletics races will be run as multi class events with all classifications running together. Places in each race will be determined based on comparing each Para athlete’s time to the 800m World Record in their classification. The Para athlete with the time closest to their world record as a percentage will place first and so on.

Para athletics includes athletes with intellectual, physical and visual impairments. For further details about eligible health conditions and descriptions of the Para athletics Sport Classes please visit:


The race committee will appoint a race referee(s), to whom general complaints can be directed. Any race complaints must be lodged to the race referee within 10 minutes after the announcement of the preliminary results on the official disputes form and accompanied by $100.00.

Divisions Team Individual
Year 7 Girls

Max five runners per Division (top three runners counted for team honours)

One to two runners if no team entry

Year 7 Boys
Year 8 Girls
Year 8 Boys
PA Year 7 and 8 Girls
PA Year 7 and 8 Boys

Individual/Team Race Distances and Times


Race Record

Year 7 Girls

3km (1 x 2km lap + 1 x 1 km lap)


11.24 (2014)

Year 7 Boys

3km (1 x 2km lap + 1 x 1 km lap)

 10.25am  9.56 (2016)
PA Year 7 and 8 Girls

800m (2 x 400m laps)

 11.00am  3.34 (2019, best time
PA Year 7 and 8 Boys

800m (2 x 400m laps)

 11.00am  2.58 (2017, best time)
Year 8 Girls

3km (1 x 2km lap + 1 x 1 km lap)

 11.30am 10.56 (2019)
Year 8 Boys

3km (1 x 2km lap + 1 x 1 km lap)

 11.55am  10.05 (2016)

School Relays

  • Schools may enter either the Championship School Relay OR the Open School Relay (not both).
  • Runners in both the Championship Relay and Open School Relay must have completed the individual event.
  • A Cup will be awarded to the winning school for both the Championship Relay and Open School Relay.

Championship 12km School Relay

  • Relay will consist of 12 consecutive laps of a 1km course.
  • Time – 1.00pm
  • Race Record – 40.29 (2018)
  • Year 7 & Year 8 Division Combined (there is no restriction on the year group ration, e.g. relay teams can be all Year 8 students).
  • Minimum of six and a maximum of 12 runners per team.
  • All relay teams MUST have a minimum of three girls/boys (Championship relay teams must be mixed gender).

Open 6km School Relay

  • Relay will consist of 6 consecutive laps of a 1km course.
  • Time – 1.00pm (to be run at the same time as the Championship School Relay)
  • Race Record – 21.34 (2019)
  • Open School Relay teams can be made up of any year group or gender ratio (there is no required minimum of year/gender, e.g. relay teams can be boys only).
  • Minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 runners per team.

Relay Rules for the Championship and Open Relays

  • Remove all bibs worn by individual team members in previous races and ensure these are kept clear of the timing equipment. Relay Team Co-ordinators not to have Individual team members bibs in bags or pockets at relay team tent. Please leave at the top of the hill.
  • All teams are required to list their starting order by 12.30pm on race day.
  • In all scenarios a runner must complete a minimum of one full lap. If for some reason the runner cannot complete his/her lap, the runner listed on the next lap must run back and tag them. They then proceed to complete the injured runners lap before commencing their own lap(s).
  • Runners can complete more than one lap consecutively.
  • Runners can run in any order in terms of year and gender.
  • The relay will be electronically timed – each school relay team will be issued with a baton (27.5cm).
  • Pacing during the relay is strictly not permitted.
  • There will be NO hurdle in the relay course.
  • Cups awarded to winning school of the Open School Relay and Championship Relay (at prize giving).
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