Prepare your team to play at their best and minimise the risk of injury in the lead up to the Anchor AIMS Games with ACC SportSmart!

Train the right way

Anchor AIMS Games recommend you use the ACC SportSmart warm up for training sessions and on game day.  Even New Zealand’s top sports teams, such as the Silver Ferns, use the warm up!

The ACC SportSmart warm up is a complete warm up with a range of exercises, proven to help young athletes perform better and minimise the risk of injury.

All athletes will benefit from this warm up no matter what sport they play; there is also specific warm ups for netball, football, futsal, rugby sevens and rip rugby.

Download or order ACC SportSmart warm up resources

Focus on fun and variety

Young bodies are different – too much sport and training can cause injury and long-term damage. To help kids enjoy sport without getting injured encourage fun, variety and free play.

  • Do the numbers – the numbers of hours per week of structured sports training and competition should be less than their age (e.g. less than 10 hours per week for a 10-year-old)
  • Play for enjoyment – are they smiling? Focus on developing a love of sport and being active
  • Check out the sport and training schedule planner to calculate the total hours of organised sport your team is doing.

Recover and recharge

Post-training or game recovery exercises are just as important as pre-game ones to cool down the body and help minimise the risk of injury in young athletes.

  • Cool down - the cool down is the first part of a player’s recovery from training sessions and games. Spend 7-10 minutes using the recovery techniques below.
  • Refuel and hydrate
  • Allow time for rest, recovery and sleep
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