Medical Form and Media Waiver

Medical form and media waiver

Form available from Wednesday 27th July 2022

​​​​​​​Forms must be completed by parents no later than Friday 12th August 2022

The AIMS Games Trust has an online system for the collection of our medical form and media waiver. 

All participants at the 2022 Zespri AIMS Games must have completed this documentation to be eligible to compete! This information is to assist us in case of any eventuality and is treated in a confidential manner.

All parents/caregivers will complete their child’s medical form and media waiver on our website.

You don’t need a login, but you do need to know your child’s date of birth to have access to complete/submit the form.

The online forms for the Zespri AIMS Games medical form and media waiver don’t go live until after registration has closed and been confirmed (Wednesday 27th July).  All forms must be completed no later than Friday 12th August.

Please note parents/caregivers won’t be able to do this until the school have inputted their child’s details (e.g., name, DOB etc.) into the team/individual code they are registering in! Schools have until Wednesday 27th July to complete this information.

  1. Parents/Caregivers go to this link: HERE (available 27th July 2022)

  2. Click on your school’s name

  3. Click on the green ‘Submit Waiver’ button beside ‘CHILD’S NAME’

All parents/caregivers must have completed their child’s medical and media waiver forms on our website by Friday 12th August 2022.

Privacy Policy

The AIMS Games Trust collects medical and media waivers, this information is made available to the organiser for the purpose of administering their competition. 30 days after the competition has concluded, this information will be deleted.